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 The Demiurg Manifesto 
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Post The Demiurg Manifesto
The Demiurg Manifesto

Mission Statement: The Demiurg Manifesto is a consensus-driven effort to collect all known demiurg species background and expand upon it in the 40k universe. Expanding is the key word. All the material needed to make this work is to be gathered from around the web, as well as here on spacedwarfsonline, so if someone comes up with a stroke of genius on another forum that you frequent, make sure to add it here for debate. The manifesto aims to become a main resource for demiurg, until such time that GW decides to introduce the demiurg as an army proper.
The manifesto is meant to be a community-based venture, so any and all expansions upon known demiurg facts are done in a democratic way. Any grey areas, areas of contention, as well as any general suppositions we wish to elevate to sanctioned fact*, will be subjected to democratic vote, if a consensus cannot be reached. These votes will be incredibly important to the legitimacy of the Demiurg Manifesto, so it is crucial that as many people as possible vote. Make sure to extend invitations to other forums for these votes. The focus of the Demiurg Manifesto is a constant progression toward a well-rounded background for the demiurg, as well as a unique and flavourful armylist. Please, make sure to put your own entries and suggestions below.
*sanctioned by way of community colaboration and ratification and subsequently treated as fact for the purpose of creating a universally acceptable demiurg background and armylist.

Let’s help each other move the Demiurg forward!

GW Facts and Sanctioned Facts are in green
General suppositions are in yellow. A general supposition is a common belief about demiurg appearing across the board on different forums, a popular notion not elevated to sanctioned fact.
Hearsay and rumours are in orange. Also groundbreaking ideas, that are not yet common belief.
Contended information is in red

Prolog: Demiurg are not Squats. Although they share some similarities to squats, they are not, however, viking-bikers-in-space. Compared to the squats, who are basically Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs moved to a 40k setting, the demiurg a very different and innovative take on the space dwarf concept.

Introdution to Demiurg: The Demiurg are a diminished spacefaring species of traders and miners, they're nomads, they use armies of constructs, they have powerful technology, and hate Orkoids.
Physical traits: The demiurg are described as a highly insular and reclusive species. The Demiurg are humanoid in form, described as standing at about 5 feet tall. They seem to be unique in our galaxy as they are intelligent, silicon based lifeforms, i.e. mineral based. They have a stoney skin which comes in a range of earth colours, though commonly blueish-grey. Some Demiurg seem to have crystals portruding through their rock-like skin. There is some debate on whether this is a natural part of the Demiurg skin or an unknown affliction.
Socio- and economic traits: The Demiurg have no homeworld, or have abandoned it in favour of highly fortified spacecraft or space stations situated in deep space where it would be nigh impossble for other, more planet oriented, species to find them. They are known to avoid Imperial space unless invited in, making them a very uncommon sight, and are described as defensively-hostile and non-militaristic. Though the number of sightings in the Ultima Segmentum has increased over recent centuries. The Demiurg seem heavily involved in trading and economic relations with the Tau.
The Demiurg are organized into "Brotherhoods", though any further information on a Brotherhood is unknown beyond the rumours from Rogue Traders that one Brotherhood is typically present upon a Bastion Class Vessel and two to three upon on a Stronghold Class Vessel. At least two brotherhoods, the Srry'Tok and Thurm, are known to have joined the Tau Empire.
Each brotherhood is a self-sufficient mining, military, and mercantile taskforce, and not nessesarily a family unit.

Military traits: The demiurg are relatively peaceful - mainly because their numbers are too small to fight - so they tend to do deals whenever they can, but their ships are powerful nonetheless. Again, described as defensively-hostile and non-militaristic. As such the demiurg have no dedicated fighters, no soldiers and no generals. The demiurg must instead be willing and able to turn themselves and their peaceful mining robots into deadly warriors, bringing their high powered mining lasers and cutting beams to bear on the enemy. Both the Demiurg and the robots must be ready to fill both the roles of mining and engineerring and the role of war and conflict. Therefore a demiurg robot isn't just a mining robot with some armour plates and a weapon hastely welded on. No, it is meant to be capable of both tasks from the inception and so would be the case of demiurg exosuits. As the main military unit, a brotherhood would consist of a small group of Demiurg leading automatons, robots and deadly mining constructs into situations of inevitable conflict.

Technology: The Demiurg have a high level of technology invested in their vessels as they are required to perform a number of tasks; Stronghold Class Vessels for instance are used as factories, processing units and as a base for mining fleets, while the Bastion Class Vessels are often configured for use in asteroid mining. These vessels are largely automated and use electro-magnetic fields to scoop up interstellar hydrogen, which is then compressed inside the vessel and ejected towards the rear, creating a form of ram-jet engine. The engines are relatively slow in comparison to Imperial technology, however the complex shielding the system requires and the beneficial side-effects of its use are as of yet still unfathomed by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

A known tool is the Demiurg survey glass which is a penetrative visual tool used for mineral detection of up to 2km depths.

The Demiurg make extensive use of utility exo-suits, that may have a wide variety of uses: Zero-G, mining, engingeering, and also combat. Sometimes these suits are able to accommodate the wearer in all of the above mentioned situations, depending on the skill of the engineer who created it.

From the Demiurg the Tau acquired their knowledge of Ion Cannon technology, which is now heavily used by the Tau in their armies and fleets.

Aside from the development of ionic weapons, the Demiurg appear to remodel a lot of their weaponry from technology already developed for use in resource gathering and manufacturing. Two examples of this on board their spacecraft are the Cutting Beam, which appears to have been adapted from high powered lasers used to mine asteroids, and automated mining machines, which, once reconfigured, are launched as attack craft against enemy ships.


The term 'Demiurg' is derived from the ancient Greek word demiourgos meaning 'artisan' or 'craftsman' and the roman philosophical concept of a demiurge (a divine creator). This name is given in some belief systems (most notably Gnosticism) to a deity that created the physical universe. It is therefore befitting that such a race be expert creators. The name also sounds a little like it could mean 'half-man', resonating with the Demiurgs' short stature. The word is the same in singular and in plural.

Demiurg Rules:






a Demiurg

Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:48 pm
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